The Tree Doctor Is In

We provide tree diagnostic services in Billings, MT

Sometimes, you need an expert's guidance to solve an issue with your trees. That's where 4 Season's Tree Care comes in. We offer tree consultation services to find out exactly what's wrong with your tree and offer you a solution. From rot to fungus, our experienced team has seen it all and knows how to deal with any issue.

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Some signs of a diseased tree

Without a tree diagnostic service like ours, it can be hard to diagnose the issues with your tree. Some common signs of a diseased tree include:

  • Holes in the bark
  • Spots on leaves and bark
  • Leaves that grow irregularly
  • Moldy patches on the bark and leaves

These are just a few of the signs we look for when we provide you with tree diagnostic services. To learn more about what you should look for, reach out to us today.